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South Africa is faced with human capacity challenges where the workforce in most companies is ageing and especially in most senior positions. When this work force retires, the companies are left with inexperienced workforce. Skills transfer has always been a problem and cannot be formalised by most businesses which leaves the young people always inexperienced and the older generation irreplaceable.

Culture fit is fast becoming a core competence though it is difficult to measure. Research shows that people who fit well into their companies’ express greater job satisfaction, perform better and are more likely to remain with the organisation for a longer period

The criteria that is always set for different positions is also a deterrent for the young people to access the job market. President Cyril Ramaphosa in his state of the nation address in June 2019 said: “The fact that the unemployment rate among young South Africans is more than 50% is essentially a national crisis that demands urgent, innovative and coordinated solutions where all of us should see it as a requirement to work together. And because more young people are entering the labour force every year, the economy needs to create far more jobs for youth than it currently does; merely to keep the youth unemployment rate steady”.

Small businesses are always faced with litigations due to lack of HR capacity to deal with HR related matters. Most of the small business are technical and focusses on the core of their business. The management of human resources is a soft issue and often neglected but it can break or make the business depending on how serious it is taken.  

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To be the leader in youth development and empowerment

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Involving youth in Human Resource and Events Management programmes through internship and learnerships in partnership with Institutions of Higher Learning.

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